2018 Must See Landmarks In Jacksonville NC

Situated in North Carolina, Onslow County to be precise, Jacksonville, NC is a city that is displaying tremendous growth especially because it is among the largest cities in North Carolina thus attracting more people every day. It covers about forty-five miles and dates back to about two centuries ago. Besides its fast growth, Jacksonville also boasts a long list of landmarks and attractions which will definitely make your weekend worthwhile and if you are planning to go down there, then below are Jacksonville’s must-see landmarks.

Lejuene memorial gardens

If you have a soft spot for history, then Lejuene memorial gardens in Jacksonville, NC is a must-see landmark for you. Within the beautiful park lie memorials which honor individuals who lost their lives during the 1st and 2nd world wars. Some of the memorials held here include the Montford Point Marine memorial, Onslow Vietnam veterans, Beirut memorial and a few others. There are still more memorials to be established, and also the construction of the marine’s museum is also underway. Other attractions include famous statues such as anchor, eagle and globe so do not forget your camera because there is no better way to keep memories of this memorial gardens than pictures.

Lynwood park zoo

If your kids tagged along, then it would only be fair if you bring them to the Lynwood Park zoo. The entrance prices are quite low and are worthwhile because you get to see more than eighty animal exhibits ranging from birds, mammals, reptiles and many others. It lies on ten acres of land and dates back to the 1990’s, and by paying a visit to Lynwood park zoo, you will learn more about different animal species and also their importance to our environment hence appreciate them more.

The Pelletier home

Another historic landmark in Jacksonville NC is the Pelletier house. If you are an enthusiast of ancient architecture, then the Pelletier home is an ideal place because the place boasts ancient Greek designs. It offers a cool and laid back place where you can take an afternoon getaway.

Jacksonville NC shopping mall

Although there are plenty of stores, the Jacksonville NC shopping mall outshines them all and offers you a good place to shop till you drop as there is everything you might need under one roof. It is a must see modern landmark if you love shopping and it has everything from men to children’s fashions, cosmetics and jewelry, home furnishings and all you need. Besides, there are also eateries within and around the mall so you can always stop for various delicacies at budget-friendly prices. With all the diverse products in the Jacksonville NC shopping mall, you as a traveler will be spoilt for choice.

Walton’s Distillery

No better way to end your day than by paying a visit to the Walton’s distillery. The facility has been around for close to half a century and is family operated. Here you can enjoy having a one on one view of your favorite whiskey making the process from mashing, fermentation distillation and even how they are bottled. Through the tours offered at Walton, you enjoy a unique experience and furthermore, ending the day with shots of whiskey, bourbon or moonshine is much fun not to mention the myriads of souvenirs you can take home with you.