The Best Parks and Museums Located In Jacksonville NC

The Museums and Parks in Jacksonville To Look Out for During Your Vacation

Jacksonville has historic sights and scenes and a lot of authentic learning to acquire from the city. The city will give a refreshed feel and a much-needed vacation. The city has some museum from which get to learn the history of the town from and parks where you indulge your eyes in the beautiful scenery. Jacksonville has been ranked as one of the best travel destination, and you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Jacksonville city is home to various parks and museums.

 Riverwalk Crossing Park & Willingham Park

The Park is ideally located at the St John River and hosts several annual events which include the New River Festival, Palooza, October Fest, Winter Fest among others. During the festivities, there is live music and a lot of delicacies. The Parks vast landscape and walkways are enjoyable if you love walking. The park also has a gazebo from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the park. The riverwalk crossing Park is your ideal quiet and meditating spot.

Wilson Bay Park

The park host Wilson bay and the New River flows by the bay. The bay hosts a playground, waterfront and picnic shelter making it an ideal family outing destination. The park is perfect especially for children who want to have a runaround. The park has well-kept restrooms and grills making it a perfect picnic and outdoor lunch site. The view is alluring as the bay overlooks the New River airstrip and camp Lejeune military installations.

Jacksonville Commons &Ray All American Park

The park has ball field, skating areas, Tennis Court and multiple play areas. The park is ideal if you are looking to ditch the city life for a good day out with the children. The park hosts a lot of events including the Jacksonville annual running With Law 5k marathon, Jackson Jamboree, sports competitions, exhibits and delicious food. The park is a gem in Jacksonville and its perfect for family outings

Northeast Creek Park

The park has well-kept ball fields, golf course, and boats. The park is ideal for exercises and for people who enjoy playing the ball games. The golf course is well designed with an 18-hole disc golf course to give a challenging play to any professional player visiting the park. The park also has a nature trail in case you are looking to enjoy the scenic views and BBQ grills for that delicacy from the city.
The city has several other parks which are smaller in size including the Branch wood park located in Audubon drive, Brooks valley park, Georgetown Park among others. The Jacksonville parks are an excellent site for relaxation and fun for everybody. If you need to hold an event in the park, the park administrators will take you through the process and ensure your event is successful.

Jacksonville Fire Museum

The museum is part of the Jacksonville fire department and showcases artifact about the history of the fire service since inception. The gallery exhibits photos of the great fire that occurred in 1901 among other fire-related arts. It's a great place as it brings out the history of the city.
Jacksonville is rich in history, and it’s a perfect travel destination for anyone who wants to have a good time. The city parks and the museum will give you an out of the world experience. Look out for the various activities taking place in different parks throughout the year.